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"You can't cross a sea by merely staring into the water."

Rabindranath Tagore

Our Programs

Cansu İnternational is a holistic approach with a clear objectives and programs that are aligned with the United Nations 2030 Agenda and its 17 Global Goals for socio-economic sustainable development. All programs are structured around installing machines to provide safe drinking water of different capacity, Equality (whether between gender or countries/communities), Peace, People, Planet and Prosperity.

SDGs Icon Congress

The Annual Congress aims to establish a series of dialogue between Governments, UN entities, and multi-stakeholders with celebrities, artists, media actors, opinion leaders, key influencers, scientists, and individuals to discuss achieving SDG 6 and its nexus by 2030 and beyond. The congress will be curated by Kunal Sood.

Water and Society

In close collaboration with a group of influential minds, Dr Ercan Kesal (a medical doctor and anthropologist, he is also a renowned Turkish celebrity and author) will lead the social- economic public awareness programs.

The campaigns and activities are aligned with the 2030 Development Agenda and its 17 Global Goals, with special focus on SDGs 6 and 12 and its impact on environment and development.

The Public Awareness will also include water contamination, pollution and health, among others.

Cansu Lens Exhibition

A Biennial photographic Exhibition with a main focus on SDG6 and its nexus. The renowned photographer Vicky Roy will lead the Program, which will showcase an insightful collection of a new generation of photographers exploring water and place.

Water Diplomacy High-Level Panels

To be held in conjunction with the United Nations High-Level Political Forum, the International Day of Water and other relevant UN events.

Studies and Research

Water is one of our most precious resources. We depend upon it for our livelihoods, healthy ecosystems, and a robust economy. To address the water challenges, such as aging infrastructure, population changes, and security events and others that threaten the safety and sustainability of water resources, Cansu International will champion social-economic studies and to support innovative scientific and technological solutions that ensure adequate supplies of clean water to protect people’s health and livelihood, to protect and restore watersheds and aquatic ecosystems, and to strengthen our economy.