Human Rights

"Water - every human's right - is the biggest challenge facing humanity."

HRH El-Sharifa Fatima El-Hashemite



HRH El-Sharifa Fatima El-Hashemite, brought history, science, innovation, technology, philosophy and culture to the importance and meaning of water.

In her words, El-Sharifa Fatima wrote:

From Anatolia, to Mesopotamian, from India and China to Egypt, the early civilizations of humanity that enriched our lives with development and innovation were formed on the banks of rivers. Water is the Source of Life, and with Water the earth history has been continuously developed, from unsettled group of humans to settlement, innovation and civilizations. It was Water that inspired humans to settle and form cities and towns, to start the first industrial revolution connected to agriculture, to invent… with the power of water humans came up with many things we take for granted such as time and calendars, the wheel, infrastructure, architecture, alphabets, forming governments and make and enforce laws for a country or area, divisions of time into units of 60, and complex mathematical concepts like square roots... From water the concept of living together in harmony and respect to nature has been developed.. From water specialized jobs, crafts and professions has been created, leading to the development of the importance of Education, documentation and writing books... With water the development of treatment and healing of humans began mentally and physically… With water transportation, traveling and trade was practiced leading to a Social and Economic development.. It is because of Water – the carrier of civilizations - cultural communication and diffusion happened leading to Science and Technology and Innovation.. With Water the sound of music and the beauty of arts spread around…

With Water the journey of humanity started!

Indeed, there are several new phenomena and trends in water resources will influence how civilizations of the 21st century will evolve. Conflicts of interest in water resources activities will likely sharpen, thus requiring all three mechanisms of conflict resolution to be improved: administrative, arbitration and market decisions. Re-allocation of water rights and concessions will be in focus. Pollution of water is another major issue in water resources planning and development, until consumers become eager to pay for its abatement. Controversies between water resources development and protection of the environment is increasing until new methods for their resolution are designed. Cleaning polluted water environments is now on the main agenda of water activities in the first half of the 21st century. Of course, the suffering of rural women that is increasing everyday is becoming another key concern of 21st century. Another major concern is aging of hydraulic structures and water resources systems that already poses many difficult problems for their revitalization. Pressures mount to extract maximum benefits from existing systems before building new ones. Society will continue to press for the decrease of some risks from water related structures. Priorities in using sources of water may switch due to the impact of various types of pollution. The climatic change is more than ever have a large influence on water resources planning and development in future civilizations.

Water - every human’s right - is the biggest challenge facing humanity.

If you look closely to water, if you know the role of water in social and economic development, if you learn to appreciate the beauty of water and how to live with harmony and respect for fellow humans and nature.. if you understand that water is the source of life, like women, then you will value Water, Equality, and its result: Peace and Prosperity for all.

Therefore, I choose the name “Cansu” for this global partnership. In Arabic and Anatolian cultures, women were always representing the source of life, like water. The name “Cansu” is originated from Anatolia meaning Life is Water, and is always given for women and girls.

“Cansu”, is a partnership started by two visionary women, and is the hope in the 21st Century to acquire new practices for Water, Equality and sustainable development, to revive Peace for Prosperity without leaving anyone behind.

HRH El-SHarifa Fatima El-Hashemite


ElSharifa Fatima ElHashemite The widow of the late HRH Prince ElSharif Mohammad bin King Faisal (I) ElHashemite, and the mother of his only four children: Princes Adel, Adnan and Ahmad Amer, and Princess Nisreen. A retired Professor of Islamic Law and Interfaith Studies. A champion of social conservancy and justice, a resolute supporter of the human factor and human rights, and an adamant believer and promoter of inter-faith and cultural dialogue. An outright philanthropist with notable achievements in education and fundamental development of women and girls everywhere. Living to the tradition of her ancestors, ElSharifa Fatima focused all of her life on sponsoring early education and endorsing equality as the main foundations for global peace.